Wellesley Family Law Attorney

One misstep during a divorce or another family law case can lead to all of your worst fears coming true. You need to be certain that no missteps are made. You need to retain a skilled Wellesley family law attorney who you can trust to protect your rights, your children and your property. You will find that attorney at Tomasino Legal Group.

Personal Care In Every Case

Every case that comes to Tomasino Legal Group, no matter how small or how large, is handled personally by lawyer Alisha Tomasino or a member of her team. Alisha has more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the practice of family law.

You will appreciate Alisha and her team's willingness to spend time with you and answer all questions during this difficult time in your life. Tomasino Legal Group takes pride in creating a comfortable attorney-client relationship, in which you can feel free to communicate about the often personal issues involved in these cases. As your case progresses, you will be pleased by the ease with which you can access your attorney and the promptness of the law firm's responses to your calls and emails.

Negotiation Or Trial?

Alisha Tomasino is a trial attorney. She is often in court, handling family law cases as well as related criminal defense matters such as domestic assault and battery charges or restraining orders. When an aggressive stance is necessary to get meaningful results, Tomasino Legal Group is prepared to take it.

On the other hand, in many family law cases, negotiation simply makes sense. Alisha and the members of her team are skilled negotiators. Whether striving for a fair property settlement or any other divorce or family law agreement, she and her team will take care to keep your needs and the needs of your children at the forefront. The law firm will leverage its record of success in the courtroom, and if the opponent is not willing to reach an agreement, your case will go to trial.

Free Family Law Consultation

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