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Protecting Your Loved One's Welfare

When an individual is unable to manage his or her affairs due to illness or incapacitation, or if a child has not being cared for properly by his or her parents, family members may intervene and request guardianship through the court. Appointed guardians for adults have the duty of making important decisions, such as a person's welfare and health care. Guardians for minor children will need to manage a child's education and health care needs, including feeding/clothing the child, and taking him or her to school.

Guardianships may be required for:

  • Abused or neglected children
  • Children whose parents have passed away or are incarcerated
  • Physically incapacitated individuals
  • Mentally disabled
  • Those unable to manage his or own personal affairs

At Tomasino Legal Group, we have experience with guardianships and effective ways to protect an individual's welfare. We understand the broad implications of guardianship laws and the duties required of appointed guardians. Attorney Alisha Tomasino is a Guardian ad Litem who is well-positioned to represent the interests of children and incapacitated individuals. Whether you are seeking to be a guardian for an aging elderly loved one or a grandparent seeking guardianship for your grandchildren, we can provide sound legal guidance.

Personalized Advocacy Throughout the Guardianship Process

Our guardianship lawyers have over a decade of legal experience resolving guardianship-related matters for grandparents, stepparents, and other family members concerned with the welfare of a child or an elderly individual. From temporary to permanent guardianships, we can provide personalized, step-by-step guidance through the necessary paperwork and court hearings. During times of a family crisis, Tomasino Legal Group is ready to offer our compassionate legal support to help you get through tough times.

If you would like to learn more about obtaining guardianship for a minor or for an incapacitated individual, feel free to speak with our Wellesley family law attorneys.

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