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Property Division

Wellesley Property Division Attorney

Fair & Balanced Solutions to Divorce

When couples divorce, they must decide how to divide marital assets, including the house they live in, the cars they bought during the marriage, retirement accounts, and many more. Discussions involving shared assets and properties are often the most contentious in a divorce. With the help of a Wellesley property division lawyer at Tomasino Legal Group, we can help you find fair and effective solutions to complex disputes while protecting the assets you need during the process.

Examples of marital property that can be divided during a divorce:

  • Marital home
  • Retirement assets and pensions
  • Professional practices
  • Family businesses
  • Real estate
  • Marital debt

How Property Division Works in MA

There are many misconceptions about how property division works. Massachusetts is an equitable division state, which means that property is to be divided fairly, but fairly does not always mean equally. However, it takes a great deal to shift the balance away from a 50-50 division of property.

Perhaps your spouse lost a substantial amount of marital assets gambling. Or maybe your spouse carried on a lengthy extramarital affair, spending money on the other person. Maybe you stayed at home for many years, leaving your career to raise the children, and you are worried that you will not make enough money when you return to the workforce. What factors do the courts consider in dividing assets under current family law rules? Tomasino Legal Group's Wellesley divorce attorneys can help you understand the laws and how it applies in your situation. We take every opportunity to protect you, your children and your property during the divorce process.

A Word of Caution When Protecting Your Assets

It's natural that you would want to protect your assets. But think twice before you do anything that can lead to serious consequences. Transferring assets to another family member or failing to disclose assets can hurt your case. Always discuss your situation with a divorce lawyer before you take any major steps. We can advise you of all your options and whether you can benefit from mediation to help you save time and money.

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